January 14, 2014

True Religion Jeans Outlet down time to relax and enough time

Suppose without dying you met god on the street today The bible is god's word to me, through his holy spirit(Who is god)He speaks to me through it.I regularly pray to him, asking him to help me, my family, my friends.One of my concerns today as it is many days is our church, its spiritual health, its growth, etc.I even speak to god about some of you in askville. I know, to you who don't know god, christians speaking of speaking with god may sound foolish---But i hope other christians will answer this question and confirm what i am saying!My church does not even have christmas or easter plays, why act out the part of christ when the real jesus attends every week? I'd want to know what he really thought about the hot button issues that seem to divide like abortion, gay marriage, etc.So many people claim to know what god would say about these issues, i'd like to hear it directly from him. I'd ask him to explain the dinosaur issue and how that relates to adam and eve and the garden of eden.I'd like him to explain the whole 'time' issue with the book of genesis. I liked to know what religion was the 'true' religion of god or if 'religion' really mattered to him at all, or if it was more important that a person was a decent person. I'd like to know why he has blessed me so when there are those that are so much more deserving(I'd also thank him profusely for having blessed me the way he has, even though i am far from deserving of his blessings) I'd like to know why i have such an unwavering belief in his existance, http://www.pdu-direct.com/ while others don't, not that they are not good people, but that they just don't feel the same certainity that i do.Why has he choosen to give me the experiences that he has and not others? Then i'd ask if he had time to come to my house for dinner and i'd invite all of you over so you could meet him and ask him all of your questions! That would be my fundamental question. Hi, how do you do?I guess we don't need to introduce ourselves.I know who you are, and from what i'm told, you know who i am.Would you mind if i asked you a few questions?I have some things about which i'm curious.Would you like to sit down and have a glass of iced tea while we talk? " As you know, i was raised learning about you and your teachings.Apparently, i also learned that i have a brain that likes to examine things, question things, and try to learn more than just what i'm told.Thank you by the way.I'm told it is you who gave us these brains and the ability to think. true religion brand jeans: company profile Fundamentally, i would really like to know who are you?Are you really only a god for christians or do you go by other names and represent those of other faiths?I'm told by some that if people don't accept you and the doctrine that has been developed in your name according to christianity that they won't experience any kind of positive afterlife and will be punished instead.Why create different cultures then?Why isolate so many groups of people from each other?Am i meant to believe that primitive tribes that have existed in parts of the world for thousands of years are condemned to an eternity in hell because they don't even know about you?Is that your intent? I wonder sometimes if you aren't known by different names to different people.There are so many different cultures and languages.Are the different spirits that we learn about with native religions really just aspects of who you are as a whole?Do you choose to be divided into different spirits and gods because that is how some people are able to understand and accept you?Is it possible you aren't so isolated as some doctrines teach?Is there any credibility to the notion that one god is all gods and all gods are one god?Does it boil down to a matter of labels and names, or is there really only you guiding christians and everyone else is wrong? Well, i know you have billions of other people to deal with, so i won't take up more of your time.If you stop by again, i would really like to know why you allowed almost everything written about you to be done so by men rather than including women.Also, on a more trivial note, why are there only 24 hours in a day?It really isn't enough to get things done and still have some True Religion Jeans Outlet down time to relax and enough time to be properly rested.Just a thought. Boxing:Okay.I see, i think, i suppose.Anyway what are you doing here?Are you supposed to be busy? God:Well, let me just say i am not as busy as i used to be. God:I used to get millions of phone calls a day, but now there are less and less.Much more emails though for a while, although i hate emails and usually don't bother to read or reply.Now even emails are coming in less and less.So i have some free time now, just people watching.

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